Client Portal for Social Media Managers

Elevate your social media management game with our Social Media Manager Client Portal for Notion. Designed to streamline collaboration, organisation, content creation and client management, our portal is your all-in-one solution for efficient social media management.
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WHAT'S INCLUDED? A central hub to track tasks, projects, and clients efficiently.

Content Calendar to plan & share your social media content with your client effortlessly.

Client onboarding questionnaire and content strategy.

Reporting pages for Instagram and TikTok analytics.

Sections for meeting notes, invoices, contracts, and login credentials.

Editable Canva templates to customise the portal.

Loom tutorial to show you how to use it.


This is ideal for Social Media Managers who:

Want to streamline their client processes.

Need a centralised hub for client projects.

Seek an efficient way to share content calendars with clients.

Want to minimise email clutter and boost productivity.

Want to impress clients with a professional portal.

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