Notion for remote work

Notion for remote work

So your team can get more done together, no matter where you are.

MetalabOur team is just over 125 and 40% of us work remotely. Notion totally unlocked remote work for us - making it clear we can deliver projects and interact in a way that feels really natural.
Justin WattDir, Ops & Marketing, MetaLab
WorkwellWe're a distributed team so we can't do many meetings. Notion gives us all the same information so we can keep moving.
Marie SchneegansCEO, Workwell

Work together like
you're in the same room

Notion is your hub for asynchronous communication. Collaborative docs make everything go faster. Never miss a message, always know what's next, and edit docs seamlessly without stepping on each other's toes.
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A screenshot showing a comment thread between two Notion users


Notion lets you comment anywhere on a page so you can have a conversation about a doc or project inline.
A screenshot showing 7 notifications in the All Updates section of Notion


Respond to notifications in real-time or all at once later. Notion keeps track of them for you.

Equip everyone with
the same information

When your team uses dozens of different tools, information gets scattered, siloed, lost. Remote work demands radical transparency so people don't duplicate work or go in the wrong direction. Notion is your source of truth.
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A screenshot showing a search box in Notion

Powerful search

Jump to what you need immediately with fast and hyper-relevant results. Add filters for even more precision.
An animation showing entries in a sidebar expanding revealing several levels of child entries

Logical layers

No more messy or confusing folders. Everything is organized in the sidebar so you don't have to ask.

Move projects forward
without meetings

Track projects in a way that works for your team. Structure data in a Kanban board, calendar, table, or doc. Instantly view the status of projects, create custom workflows, and work more collaboratively in a shared space.
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An animation showing multiple views of a database tasking tracks on a timeline

Multiple views

View data however is most useful β€” as a table, board, calendar, or filtered by properties.
A screenshot showing a tooltip prompting a user to open a database entry as a page

Organize your work

Open any project as a full page where you can nest pages and stash related work in one place.
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Start building with the Notion API

Create powerful workflows by connecting Notion to your most important tools.

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More remote work resources

Advice on remote work, how to set up Notion for remote, and more.

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πŸŽ“ For students & teachers

Resources for distance learning and remote teaching.
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Safe & secure

Notion is committed to staying compliant and providing you all the features you need to manage access across your organization.

SOC2 compliant
TLS everywhere
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Quarterly independent security audits
100% cloud-based architecture secured behindΒ aΒ VPC
SAML single sign onEnterprise
SCIM APIEnterprise
Granular permission levelsEnterprise
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